The World's First and Only Hip-Hop School

Each student enrolled in our hip-hop school will takes classes in all 4 elements of hip-hop culture - Breakin', DJ, Art and MC (Rhythm and Poetry)Although all 4 elements are a staple of our hip-hop school program everyday, Breakin' and DJ are heavily focused on - with MC'ing and Art being project based. Students will participate in monthly projects for each element. Boom Baps is our toddler program where students age 3-6 yrs participate in breakin' classes. Both Boom Bap and Hip-Hop school students put on an end-of-semester recital in the last month of their respective semester.

Each registration requires a $25 fee to guarantee a students spot on class roster. Please fill out the registration form below and review our payment plans carefully. Upon submission of the form, payment of the $25 fee can be made online on the following page. A Break Free representative will then contact you for information on first class and first payment.

recital fee of $125 is due for all enrolled students (Boom Bap and Hip-Hop School) by April 11th. This fee includes:

  • DVD of end-of-semester show
  • Custom Shirt for student to perform in
  • 2 Tickets for Parents to attend show

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: February 1st - No registrations or walk-ins will be accepted after this date

For any questions, comments, or concerns please call the center at 713-944-4699 or email bfccworldwide@gmail.com

2017 Spring Semester Early Registration


Payment Plans

  • If a 2-5 payment plan is chosen, payment will be arranged to be deducted on the 1st of every consecutive month. EXAMPLE: If a 3 payment plan is chosen, tuition will be broken into 3 payments and is due on the 1st of the next 3 consecutive months. If more than 1 additional family member is desired to enroll, please contact Break Free for correct tuition fee.