Summer Camp 2019

It’s that time of the year – when things heat up, and young artists around Houston BREAK FREE for our annual Summer Camp!

Every Week in June and July



The camp operates as a 3-Day intensive every week, where students participate in Breakin’, DJ, Art, Poetry, and Video Production classes

In the Video Production class, students will learn how to stream, edit, and create live videos on our YouTube set!

Registration is done by the week, or in 4-week (1 month) increments. The class content is different every week – so student’s enrolling in more than one week will always have something new to learn in the camp.



Additional Family Members are $100 for FULL DAY, and $50 for HALF DAY

Discounts are offered for camp students who are interested in enrolling for 4 weeks or more.

Camp is capped at a 30 student capacity every week – if interested in solidifying a spot this summer, please fill out the short contact form on the right!

First Class FREE!

Breakdancing, DJ’ing, and Graffiti Art classes all teach our students what it’s like to Break Free.

Our program operates on a progression-based curriculum, with opportunities for all students to advance levels, accomplish goals, and instill significant life skills in them to use in all aspects of life.

Parents are along for the ride the whole way with our transparent system of Progress Reports – students are assessed individually and parents are able to manage expectations for their student’s.

Fill out the short contact form on the right to schedule your first FREE class with us today!


Our Hip-Hop school is a great supplement to any child’s academic commitments at their respective schools – our curriculum is geared towards children developing their own personal style through the foundations of the art-form they are enrolled in.

We like to think students enrolled in our programs get the best of both worlds – traditionally, studios focus strictly on performing and choreography with students. Break Free focuses on the student’s personal style development first, and with the 4 recitals we offer throughout the year, they also get a chance to learn performance technique.

If your thinking about enrolling your child in arts classes, now is a perfect time – as we also will be gearing up for our Fall and Winter recital in the coming months.

Click here to find out how to enroll in a FREE class!



Break Free Students in ACTION at our SUMMER RECITAL!

Our year-round program is highlighted with 4 RECITALS, where our kids work hard to put on a show for family and friends; showcasing everything they’ve learned over the course of year.

The Summer Recital for 2018 was amazing with a packed house of over 300 in attendance to witness Break Free students (most for their first time) tear it up on stage.

All credits to photographer Don Lee of MiSun Photography