You might think of headspins, flips, tricks, and the 80s – but breakin’ is a dance that is focused on building your own style through discipline, and being able to adapt to any situation and truly dance. The overall goal of our program is to turn students into overall dancers through the foundation of breakin’. Students also learn choreography and performance techniques, which can be utilized if a career in dance is ever pursued.


The artform of mixing, scratching, and bringing the energy to a party and/or event – our DJ students learn from vinyl all the way to Serato (DJ’ing software on a computer). Students learn musical history, and the goal is to prepare them to DJ at actual events and parties.


Our art classes operate as a mixed-media program using what is known as graffiti art (the hip-hop style of creating art) to teach students how to aesthetically create various works and pieces.


The MC program at Break Free builds students into poetic, creative, and expressive performers – while simultaneously enhancing their reading and writing skills. Currently, the class is available for kids ages 7+.


In every one of our programs, each student is assessed on a monthly basis with a progress report. Parents have a transparent look into where their child is exactly at in the program, and is involved in the process of setting goals and managing expectations.


Our student body facilitates 4 recitals throughout the year – 2 smaller “jams” where the students essentially throw their own hip-hop party at Break Free, and 2 bigger recitals where the school creates a whole theatrical production, held at a theatre in downtown Houston.

PROGRAM PRICES – Monthly Basis

  • 1x a week – $69.00
  • 2x a week – $129.00
  • 3x a week – $159.00
  • 4x a week – $189.00

Please call 832.649.8096 to schedule your FIRST FREE CLASS and FACILITY TOUR!