Class Descriptions

Break Free offers a variety of classes all sharing one common theme – the powerful tool of creative expression. Through art, we believe that significant life skills can be learned and instilled in our students, as well as giving them a positive alternative leading to a much more productive, healthy lifestyle.

Our instructors  are highly experienced and travel the world educating on Hip Hop Culture. Break Free instructors are truly passionate about their art and do not only share their skills, but instill the authenticity of the culture to all students. We believe in hard work, commitment, and determination. This isn’t a day job for us – this is our life!

Hip-Hop School Programs


Breakin’ is a dance that focuses on creative self-expression and the celebration of music. It encourages the manifestation of one’s own personal style and helps develop strong interpersonal skills. The high-energy and technical use of strength, stamina, and flexibility also make it a great practice of physical education.

Break Free’s instructors are world renowned performers, teachers, and activists of hip-hop culture. Our programming educates our students from beginning to advanced levels in a fun, yet disciplined environment. The classes cultivate dancers who can express and perform in any setting.


(AGES 3-6) The “BOOM BAPS” are the future. They are the foundation for the preservation of positive hip hop culture! The foundation for this dance is taught in this class, and is heavily focused on connecting with the music. Beginning steps and concepts are then introduced to the students to lay the groundwork for a student to then start developing their own style.


(AGES 7+) The “VIBE TRIBE” consists of students learning how to feed off the energy of their fellow classmates, as well as the vibes from the music and environment. Participating students will start with a strong introduction to the foundational steps and concepts for breakin’. The students ability to “freestyle” is polished by learning intermediate moves and concepts, and the understanding of how to really feel and fall in love with the music.
(AGES 7+) The “CHIEF ROCKERS” are the seasoned students who have paid their dues over multiple semesters. Students work at an advanced level to continue on their journey of mastering their craft. Training techniques and regimens are emphasized, while students continue to learn various advanced steps, moves, and concepts to add to their arsenal.
POWER MOVES (Ages 7+) Powermoves class focuses specifically on the dynamics of this dance. Students will work on advanced techniques, as well as strength and conditioning, to prepare for the high-flying and high-energy moves such as; windmills, flares, headspins, 1990s, and air-flares.


DJing is the skilfull practice of presenting, mixing, and artistically manipulating music. DJ’s provide musical entertainment in various settings, while maintaining artistic integrity through the application of technical skills.

Break Free’s DJ instructors are some of Houston’s premier artists, who strive to spread the fun and positive ideals of DJ culture. Our DJing class builds musically inclined students with hands-on instruction in the use of equipment, mixing, scratching and cutting, and hosting (MCing).


Graffiti is a medium that utilizes aerosol, stenciling, drawing, and coloring to create letters and imagery. The medium offers the artist a huge degree of free expression.

At Break Free, the art form of Graffiti is taught from it’s origins, including pioneers who placed it on an international stage, to current techniques. Students will learn to apply the techniques they learn using a variety of tools, using paper, paint, and a variety of canvases. Taking graffiti beyond its usual borders, we aim to establish our students as mixed-media artists. Class instructors are artists who are  established both in the local art community as well as on a global level.


Spoken Word/R.A.P (Rhythm and Poetry)

Spoken Word is the performance of poetry emphasizing the feeling and energy of a poem. Spoken word artists employ verbal, physical, and visual skills to elicit an emotional response with the audience.

Students in our spoken word/poetry program will begin with an introduction to verbal expression and actualization of ideas and thoughts. After which students will continue with lessons covering presentation, prose, rhythm, and eventual performance of their work.