Does your child have his or her own style? Are you looking to introduce your child to an environment that will inspire them to express themselves creatively?

Our Summer Camp operates as a weekly 3-day intensive that educates and trains children in the art-forms of breakdancing and DJ’ing from a beginning to an advanced level.

Camp participants will learn the history and technique of both art-forms, while participating in classes and exercises that will introduce them to content creation (videography, photography, and imaging), along with performance skills.

Our camp will not only introduce it’s participants to usable techniques in breakdancing and DJ’ing, but the goal is to instill in them significant life skills that will translate into the modern world.

Each instructor and staff member at our Summer Camp are seasoned veterans in their respective art-form that have turned their passion into careers – our aim it to inspire and guide our students to do the same with their passion.


Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in June and July


Membership is charged weekly (3-day intensive Tuesday-Thursday)

Each week’s roster is capped at 20 students

For full information and registration, please fill out the interest form on the right or call us directly at 832-649-8096