Who We Are


Since 2011, Break Free has operated with a vision of building a new generation of healthy, creative, and successful individuals through the education of positive Hip-Hop culture.

We believe Hip-Hop is the most powerful culture of influence on youth worldwide – but we believe it is misrepresented on a unprecedented level.

Our staff has collectively traveled to over 60+ countries performing, teaching, and educating on hip-hop. Through our experience we have developed a passion to proliferate the true positive ideals and values of hip-hop culture throughout the world.

We operate and run the world’s first Hip-Hop school in the heart of the First Ward Arts District in Houston, TX. Offering classes in the four elements of Hip-Hop culture (breakdancing, DJ’ing, art, and poetry) to ages 3 on up. We have had the pleasure of teaching and performing for over 15,000 Texas youth.

Hip-Hop education is a necessity and we are here to spread a message of peace, love, unity, and having fun.