About Us

Founded in 2011, Break Free Hip-Hop School has operated as an arts education center, youth outreach program, and worldwide artist collective aiming to proliferate positive Hip-Hop culture to a new generation of young artists. Through art forms such as as breakdancing, DJ’ing, graffiti art, and poetry, Break Free effectively mentors it’s studentsnto be goal oriented and self-expressive individuals.

Break Free has effectively reached over 25,000 Texas youth through in-house and mobile programming – carefully approaching each opportunity to impact a child’s life with passion, positivity, and enthusiasm for innovation and creativity.

Currently, Break Free has expanded to a global agency known as Break Free Worldwide – a firm aiming to proliferate Hip-Hop education, lifestyle influence, program development, and artist professionalism. Our first franchise outside of Texas was opened in Kansas City in January 2019 – and the second Houston location (Northwest) was opened in March 2019.


Break Free Hip-Hop School in Houston continues to operate as home-base for the vision of Create Your Escape – join in on the movement today as we grow our local Houston communities through arts education!